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Our intranet is so simple and easy on all aspects - setup, use and management. A 30-day complimentary trial is available to try and use all the system’s features.

Some features of our intranet:

  • Built from scratch using the latest and greatest technologies
    Our system is built from the ground up using the latest and most stable coding platforms and is hosted on the Cloud for maximum reliability
  • Easy to use
    Our Developers ensured that the user experience and interaction caters to what exactly our customers require
  • Feature rich intranet
    Our Research Team have combined most of the real estate office problems, understood what is necessary which allowed us to integrate our features within a single system
  • Feature Suggestion
    Our business understands that bespoke options are necessary to our customers. Suggest a feature, our Team will look into its feasibility and will be added to your subscription — free of charge.

What we Offer

Understanding the process


  • Main Office

    A$150 / Month

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Encrypted Files
  • All listed features above included
  • Additional Office

    A$30 / Month

  • Just pay the storage fee for each additional office!

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